Parenting New York

Parenting New York

Parenting isn’t always an intuitive balance between unconditional love and knowing what is right. We all come into parenting with the baggage of our own childhood, trauma,  and relationships with our parents, to name a few. You are consistently juggling marriage/partnership, job, finances, stress, and the little ones. Parents of beautifully unique minded, special kiddos experience their own challenges.

Our Individual coaching and therapy program is designed to assist all parents navigating the dimensions of parenting and co-parenting. Our focus is to capitalize on daily therapeutic strategies to decrease stress and connect more. In time, you will learn to become the mindful and happier parent you always strove to be. We draw from dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness strategies, experience and knowledge of child development to help tailor services to meet individual needs.

Our gifted therapists can work with parents, families as a whole and provide therapy for your little ones.

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