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Liza Mordkovich, LCSW

Liza Mordkovich
  • Education: Masters degrees in art therapy and counseling, masters in social work with a concentration on mental health
  • Services: Individual psychotherapy, biopsychosocial assessments, coaching
  • Specializations: Perinatal mental health, anxiety, sleep issues, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, panic disorder, personality disorders, couples therapy, depression, trauma/grief and ptsd, ADHD 
  • Therapeutic Orientation: Cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention for OCD, prolonged exposure, cognitive processing therapy 
  • Years in Practice: 20 years in practice and 12 years in private practice. 
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Amanda Gabel, LMSW

Amanda Gabel
  • Education: Masters in social work
  • Services: Psychotherapy for individuals and teens and parenting coaching and consultation
  • Specializations: Neurodivergent teens, ADHD, Autism, Language disorders, intellectual disabilities  adults and family, executive functioning, coaching, anxiety.
  • Therapeutic Orientation: Relational, somatic, executive functioning, cognitive behavioral therapy, coaching. 
  • Years in Practice: 10 years in practice 
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Gabrielle Jakob, LMHC

gabrielle jakob
  • Education: Masters in mental health counseling
  • Services: Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families and coaching.
  • Specializations: Couples therapy, anxiety disorders, perinatal mental health, depression, trauma, ADHD.
  • Therapeutic Orientation: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Gottman level 3, solution focused psychotherapy. 
  • Years in Practice: 15 years in practice 
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Patricia Giarraffa, MHC-LP

Patricia Giarraffa
  • Education: Masters in school counseling and masters in mental health counseling
  • Services: Psychotherapy for individuals, teens, couples and family. 
  • Specializations: Anxiety disorders, depression, teens and children, parenting support, obsessive compulsive disorder. 
  • Therapeutic Orientation: Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and exposure and response prevention. 
  • Years in Practice: 3 years in practice
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top- Rated brooklyn Parenting Coach

Parenting isn’t always an intuitive relationship between unconditional love and knowing what is right. We understand the multifaceted nature of parenting concerns. Some families grapple with complex child behaviors and the unique needs of special needs children, which can evoke challenges and anxietyAs parents, we carry the weight of our own childhood trauma and the echoes of anxious childhood emotions. Recognizing that it takes a village to raise and support our children, we understand the profound impact of our past experiences on our parenting journey. Childhood trauma and anxious childhood emotions shape our perspectives and behaviors, often influencing how we nurture and guide our children. Seeking support is not just a sign of strength; it’s an acknowledgment of the complexities we face in parenthood. By embracing the collective wisdom and compassion of our village, we can navigate the challenges of parenting with empathy, resilience, and healing, creating a nurturing environment where both parents and children can thrive.

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Divorce can thrust parents into the realm of learning how to co-parent and construct a new family dynamic. Understanding child behavior and refraining from engaging in unproductive power struggles can significantly enhance parent-child relationships amidst such transitions. As a parent, navigating marriage, career, finances, stress, and parenting responsibilities can indeed feel overwhelming and demanding.

Parents of neurodivergent children and adolescents face unique concerns and challenges that necessitate specialized support. Our online parent coaching and individual therapy program, led by experienced therapists and parent coaches, is designed to enhance your relationship with your children. We create a supportive space where clients can explore their individual challenges and gain insights into the delicate parent journey. Our coaching services provide a nurturing parent space to learn how to navigate and alleviate power struggles effectively. Whether your child is acting out at home or school, we assist all parents in navigating parenting challenges and fostering growth for the entire family. Our goal is to address your concerns collaboratively to achieve family success and holistic growth.

Parenting coaching and parenting therapy offer invaluable support to individuals, children, and parents navigating the intricate landscape of family dynamics. Whether through individual therapy sessions or collaborative coaching, these services address the diverse concerns and challenges faced in the parenting journey. Therapists for parenting in Brooklyn understand the importance of fostering healthy relationships and promoting growth within families. They create a safe space where clients can explore their values, concerns, and aspirations as parents. Through a blend of therapeutic techniques and coaching methodologies, therapists help clients uncover their intrinsic values and align their parenting practices accordingly. By valuing the unique journey of each family, these professionals empower parents to overcome obstacles, strengthen relationships, and cultivate environments conducive to growth and harmony.

Our Individual parent coaching and support, parent management training and quality parent therapy program with a top-notch therapist create growth for all parent (s) navigating the dimensions of co-parenting. Our focus is to capitalize on helpful, daily therapeutic strategies to decrease stress, strategies for complicating behaviors and connect more: this is the space to acquire more knowledge on how to improve your relationship! In time, you will learn to become the mindful and happier parent you always strove to be. We draw from dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy mindfulness strategies, experience and knowledge of child development to help tailor services to meet individual needs.

Our Coaching is a collaborative and supportive process designed to empower parents in navigating the challenges and complexities of raising children. It involves working closely with a trained professional who provides guidance, tools, and strategies tailored to the unique needs of each family. Our coaches help parents develop effective communication skills, implement positive discipline techniques, manage stress, and foster strong parent-child relationships. By offering a non-judgmental space for exploration and growth, coaching encourages parents to gain confidence, clarity, and insight into their family journey. Ultimately, coaching aims to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to create nurturing and harmonious family dynamics, overcome challenges in family relationships while promoting the holistic development and well-being of their children. Being a parent is hard work! Let us support the whole family with our services.

Our gifted therapists can work with parents, families as a whole and provide therapy and coaching services for your children and adolescent while healing your own childhood wounds in a supportive space! We also provide individual therapy services and support services to adults, children, adolescents and family therapy for various mental health challenges.

Our clients feel our top-notch tools help create growth in a support space. Coaching and therapy are essential services offered by therapists for catering to the diverse concerns of individual parents and families. Through individual therapy sessions, parents explore their challenges, concerns, and values, seeking support to navigate the complexities of relational dynamics. Children benefit indirectly as parents learn effective strategies for communication, discipline, and nurturing relationships. Coaching emphasizes the collaborative journey of growth and understanding, empowering clients to create harmonious family dynamics aligned with their values. Therapists for value the relationships we build with our clients. We aim to foster a supportive and non-judgmental environment. These services help parents overcome obstacles, foster healthy relationships, and promote the holistic development of their children, enriching the journey for all involved.

Parent Coaching & individual Therapy And Coaching Services We Offer

Services explore:


Groups, Workshops, Informational Sessions:

How Our Mindful Parent Coaching Services Can Help

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Coaching and therapy serve as invaluable resources for individuals and families facing challenges in their journey. Individual therapy for parents acknowledges the unique concerns and struggles they may encounter, providing personalized support to address stressors and emotional well-being. In parallel, coaching services focus on the dynamic interplay between parents and children, offering practical strategies and guidance to navigate relationships and overcome challenges. Therapists understand the importance of aligning with individual and family values. By creating a space where clients can explore their concerns, therapists foster growth and help parents develop effective tools to nurture meaningful and resilient parent-child connections. These services emphasize the value of proactive support in promoting the overall well-being of both parents and children.

Our parent coaching services and individual therapy offer comprehensive support for parents, children and the whole family in various areas, including:

  1. Effective communication strategies for parents and children.

  2. Respect and Positive discipline techniques.

  3. Stress management and self-care practices for parents.

  4. Building strong parent-child relationships and overcoming challenges.

  5. Navigating challenges in behaviors, relationships and conflicts.

  6. Setting and maintaining boundaries grounded on mutual respect.

  7. Developing age-appropriate expectations from infancy, school age and into adulthood.

  8. Encouraging emotional intelligence and resilience in children.


Through personalized coaching sessions, we empower parents in their journey to navigate the complexities of parenthood with confidence, compassion, and resilience. Let us support you on your journey to becoming the parent you aspire to be. We are here to transform your concerns through our coaching, individual therapy, services and support for the whole family.

Why Choose brooklyn center for mindfulness and psychotherapy

Our approach is deeply rooted in empathy, expertise, and personalized guidance. We understand your child’s behavior and how to help you to provide a more support.

Here’s why potential clients should choose to work with us and how our services stand out from competitors:

1. Tailored Approach: We understand that every family is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to challenges. Our coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs, values, and dynamics of each family. Through personalized strategies and techniques, we empower parents to navigate their unique journey with confidence and clarity.

2. Holistic Support: We offer tools for emotional well-being, communication, discipline, and fostering healthy relationships within the family. Our coaching services take a holistic approach, addressing not only immediate concerns but also long-term goals and aspirations for both parents and children.

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3. Evidence-Based Strategies: Our coaching methodology is grounded in evidence-based research and proven strategies in child development, psychology, and education. We stay updated with the latest research and trends in the field to provide clients with the most effective and relevant guidance.

4. Empowerment and Collaboration: We believe in empowering parents to become confident, proactive. Rather than imposing solutions, we collaborate with parents to explore their strengths, values, and goals, fostering a sense of ownership and agency in their approach.

5. Non-Judgmental Environment: Raising children comes with its share of uncertainties, and it’s essential for parents to feel supported and understood without judgment. Our coaching sessions provide a safe, non-judgmental space where parents can openly express their concerns, explore their emotions, and seek guidance without fear of criticism.

6. Practical Tools and Resources: In addition to guidance and support during coaching sessions, we provide practical tools, resources, and actionable strategies that parents can implement in their daily lives. From effective communication techniques to positive discipline strategies, parents gain valuable tools to navigate hardships with confidence.

7. Long-Term Transformation: Our ultimate goal is to facilitate long-term transformation and growth within families. By equipping parents with the skills, insights, and support they need, our coaching services empower families to cultivate stronger bonds, nurture positive parent-child relationships, and create a nurturing and thriving family environment for years to come.

fAQs about parent coaching & therapy

Various therapy and coaching modalities are effective for support. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps parents identify and change unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors, promoting positive parenting practices. Family therapy addresses family dynamics and communication patterns, fostering healthier relationships. Attachment and respectful based approaches focuses on improving parent-child interactions and strengthening attachment bonds. Additionally, Mindfulness-Based techniques to manage stress and enhance parent-child connections.

At our practice, we integrate a range of modalities tailored to each family’s needs. Our clinicians find approaches like CBT, DBT, family therapy, respectful parenting approaches and Mindfulness-Based Parenting particularly effective. By combining evidence-based techniques with a compassionate and collaborative approach, we empower parents to build stronger relationships with their children and navigate parenting challenges with confidence and resilience.

Finding a parenting coach is accessible through various channels. Online directories like Psychology Today or the International Coach Federation offer comprehensive listings of certified parenting coaches worldwide. Local family counseling centers, community organizations, or schools may also provide referrals to qualified coaches. Social media platforms and parenting forums often host discussions and recommendations for reputable coaches.

For those seeking virtual coaching, our clinicians offer remote services, ensuring accessibility regardless of location. Through video conferencing and online platforms, we provide personalized coaching and support to individuals and families worldwide. Whether located in Brooklyn or beyond, our virtual coaching sessions empower parents to navigate challenges, enhance communication, and foster positive relationships with their children. Reach out today to begin your parenting journey with us.

Finding the best parenting coaching services in Brooklyn involves considering several key factors tailored to your family’s needs. Look for coaches who have experience and expertise in areas relevant to your concerns, such as child behavior management or adolescent development. Consider the coaching approach and philosophy of potential coaches to ensure alignment with your values and goals. Client testimonials and reviews can offer insights into the effectiveness and satisfaction of previous clients.

At our practice, we understand the importance of finding the right fit. We offer free consultations to prospective clients, providing an opportunity to discuss your needs, ask questions, and determine if our approach resonates with you. We welcome you to schedule a consultation to explore how our coaching services can support your family’s journey towards growth, harmony, and resilience.

Get the mindful parenting support you’ve been looking for.

Are you seeking mindful and respectful, attachment and practical parenting support to navigate the complexities of raising children in today’s world? Do you or family members struggle with mental health and/or have trauma in own childhood? Look no further. At our practice, we understand the challenges and joys of parenthood, and we’re here to offer compassionate guidance and support tailored to your family’s needs. Our philosophy centers around fostering strong parent-child connections, promoting positive communication, and cultivating mindfulness in everyday interactions. Through evidence-based techniques and personalized coaching, we empower parents to approach challenges with resilience, compassion, and presence.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative parenting, supportive journey of growth, learning tools, identifying solutions while learning about child development, we invite you to reach out for a free consultation. Our therapists and coaches are available to help ease your parenting anxiety! Together, we can explore how our coaching services can help you, as the parent, create a nurturing and harmonious family life where both parents and children can focus on thriving. Contact our therapists and coaches today to take the first step towards mindful parenting and lasting fulfillment. Our parent coaching services offer comprehensive support and coaching in various areas to help your family, including:

  1. Effective communication strategies for parents of young children and adolescents.

  2. Positive discipline techniques to address day-to day challenges.

  3. Stress management for and self-care practices for parents.

  4. Building strong parent-child relationships.

  5. Navigating challenging behaviors and conflicts.

  6. Setting and maintaining boundaries.

  7. Developing age-appropriate expectations.

  8. Encouraging emotional intelligence and resilience in children.

Through personalized coaching sessions, individual therapy, and services we empower parents to navigate the complexities of parenthood with confidence, compassion, and resilience. Let us support you on your journey to becoming the parent you aspire to be.

We are accepting new clients. Please contact us for a free consultation to determine if our services will be a good match for your family. Treatment does work and can rescue relationships.

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