Couples and Family Therapy New York

Couples and Family Therapy New York

The equilibrium of a family system can be altered by changes or stressors. Life changes and stressors such as financial loss, illness, new baby, infidelity, grief and trauma can influence the balance. Stressors can affect communication, connection and being able to enjoy relationships with one another.

At times, individual members’ experiences can influence the whole system. Couples and family therapy can help resolve conflicts, improve communication and bring families and couples a more profound connection with each other. Therapy can help you to recognize your role in the family system and your influence on any conflicts. It can also build a deeper intimacy and understanding of oneself and other family members. Therapeutic processes can help improve your sex life and overall enjoyment of life.

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Premarital Counseling: Preparing for a Strong and Healthy Marriage

Premarital counseling is a proactive step that can help couples prepare for a strong and healthy marriage. Relationships can be complex, and premarital counseling provides an opportunity for couples to work through any potential challenges and build a solid foundation for their future together.


In NYC, couples can access a wide range of counseling services, including couples therapy and marriage counseling. These services are provided by licensed therapists who specialize in working with couples and families. With the help of a therapist, couples can learn about each other’s expectations, work through any differences, and improve communication skills.

Family therapists in NYC can also provide premarital counseling. With their expertise in relationship dynamics, family therapists can help couples navigate the complexities of relationships and build a strong foundation for their marriage. Whether you are just starting your relationship or have been together for years, premarital counseling can be a valuable tool for preparing for a successful marriage. Our therapists are trained in providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment for couples during couples counseling

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Enhancing Intimacy in Relationships

Our mission is to help enhance intimacy in relationships and enrich the lives of those we serve. Whether you are preparing for marriage, facing challenges in your marriage, or navigating other relationship issues, our experienced family therapists can help.

Our premarital counseling services are designed to help couples build a strong foundation for their future together. Whether you are seeking general premarital counseling or interfaith premarital counseling, our family therapist will work with you and your partner to identify and address potential challenges and to teach you essential skills for a healthy and happy marriage.

For those who are already married, our marriage counseling services can help you and your partner address challenges and build a stronger bond. Our family therapist will work with you to identify areas of difficulty and develop a plan to overcome them.

Whether you are dealing with communication issues, conflict resolution, or other relationship challenges, our marriage counseling services can help.

We also offer perinatal therapy for couples who are expecting a child or adjusting to parenthood. Our family therapist will work with you to address the challenges of this life transition and to help you build a stronger and more supportive relationship.

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In addition to our couples and family therapy services, we also offer individual therapy for those who need support for their personal growth and well-being. We are dedicated to enhancing relationships and enriching lives of those we serve.

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