Anxiety and Depression New York

Anxiety and Depression New York

You know you are experiencing anxiety when you have excessive worry, panic attacks, phobias, and a mind that will just not shut off and let you sleep!

Imagine this scenario: You are on the subway. The subway gets crowded and stops underground. After a few minutes, you notice your heart rate increase, palms sweat, and lightheadedness. You immediately begin thinking: “I am going to die! I am going crazy! I have to get out before I suffocate!”

What was described in the previous paragraph is a panic attack. Panic attacks are categorized by sudden and intense feelings of fear and anxiety along with physiological sensations.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is moderate to severe anxiety and worrying that interferes with daily life. GAD suffers are the constant worriers who catastrophize the worst case scenario in every situation: Getting an email from a boss leads to a sleepless night obsessing whether this means the end of employment.


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Brooklyn Mindful Offers Group Therapy for Youth Anxiety in New York

If you or a loved one are feeling depressed, seeking medical attention can make a significant difference in overall health and well-being.

We take great pride in offering group therapy for youth anxiety in New York. We understand how difficult it can be for our  patient struggling with mental health concerns, including depression, and we are here to provide compassionate care and treatment to all our patients.

Our center is staffed by a team of highly trained and dedicated mental health professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality care possible. We offer a variety of programs and services, including group therapy, to help children and teenagers manage their mental wellness and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Brooklyn Mindful's Day Program: Your Path to Better Mental Health in New York

The pandemic has put a lot of stress on individuals and families, leading to a rise in depression and anxiety.

At Brooklyn Mindful, we believe that our day program is an effective path toward better mental health in New York. We understand how debilitating depression and other mental health concerns can be, which is why our program is designed to provide the highest quality care and treatment to our patients.

Our team of experts is committed to delivering compassionate care and support to our patients throughout their journey to better mental health. We offer a range of services to ensure that our patients can find the right care and treatment for their needs, including our day program.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We know that finding the right treatment can be a challenging and overwhelming task, which is why we encourage patients to search our website to learn more about our programs and services. We’re always here to answer any questions or concerns and help you find the right path to better mental wellness.

Our center is conveniently located at 26 Court Street in Brooklyn, making it easily accessible to patients in the area. 

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