Coaching New York

2 Top-Rated Coaches in Brooklyn

Liza Mordkovich, LCSW

Liza Mordkovich
  • Education: Masters degrees in art therapy and counseling, masters in social work with a concentration on mental health
  • Services: Individual psychotherapy, biopsychosocial assessments, coaching
  • Specializations: Perinatal mental health, anxiety, sleep issues, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, panic disorder, personality disorders, couples therapy, depression, trauma/grief and ptsd, ADHD 
  • Therapeutic Orientation: Cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention for OCD, prolonged exposure, cognitive processing therapy 
  • Years in Practice: 20 years in practice and 12 years in private practice. 
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Amanda Gabel, LMSW

Amanda Gabel


  • Education: Masters in social work
  • Services: Psychotherapy for individuals and teens and parenting coaching and consultation
  • Specializations: Neurodivergent teens, ADHD, Autism, Language disorders, intellectual disabilities  adults and family, executive functioning, coaching, anxiety.
  • Therapeutic Orientation: Relational, somatic, executive functioning, cognitive behavioral therapy, coaching. 
  • Years in Practice: 10 years in practice 
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Coaching New York

“If the plan doesn’t work; change the plan not the goal”. -Unknown

Coaching is a one on one, collaborative process to help you establish specific career, wellness, relationship and other life goals. Coaching can be combined with therapy or done on its own. When you feel stuck and unsure of which direction to take, a coaching session can help you figure out what it is you want and how to get it.

Feeling stuck? Coaching can help!

“Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives”-Vicktor Frankl

There are different types of coaching depending on circumstance and desired outcome. Here are a few examples of services we offer:


Parenting Coaching and Consultation

Parenting can be a challenging and triggering experience: “triggering” because all YOUR (parents) past traumas, childhood experiences, life stressors and baggage can be pushed. Coaching can help identify the pushed buttons and offer practical solutions in the form of coping skills. Parenting a special needs child requires tools, resources, support and a community. Coaching can help identify needs and offer resources. Coaching can also be helpful with making decisions when parents are separating: where should the child live, how to communicate the changes, HOW to coparent. How to adjust after a grief, move, or divorce can be explored in a coaching session.

Career Coaching

Choosing career paths can feel overwhelming because there could be so many choices: How do you start? Career coaching helps with identifying career desires and establishing a plan to getting there. Career coaching can also help with deciding whether or not to stay at a job or look for another. Also, identifying what isn’t working and what changes can help you feel more satisfied: do you want a higher paying salary? Do you want a promotion? What is making the 9-5 hustle and bustle feel like groundhog day (the movie)?

Business woman young adult coach at office.
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