Amanda Gabel

Amanda Gabel

Amanda Gabel is an LMSW with extensive experience supporting children and adults with special needs. Over time, this unique expertise has grown into helping others with anxiety, life transitions and parenting,

In her career in supportive services, primarily within non-profit, Amanda has built numerous programs from the ground up, which primarily consist of enhancing community partnerships, training and managing staff, and the implementation of process and protocols. She has additionally worked in schools and camps in both one-on-one and management capacities.

Amanda’s process-driven, professional and empathetic approach enables her to tailor solutions for children and adults with and without disabilities. As a mother of two, Amanda can also relate with parents and the effort needed to juggle priorities.

Amanda’s work stems from a deep-rooted belief that all people should feel a sense of control and belonging. Her method is designed to cater to your capabilities and strengths and to then develop a goal of where you want to be.

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