Perinatal Mental Health New York

Perinatal Mental Health New York

“The only way out is through.” – Robert Frost”

Pregnancy and post birth is such an exciting, life changing and exhausting time for the whole family! Preparing the mind, body and spirit for a new life, trying to conceive- can be exciting, daunting, anxiety provoking and traumatic! Supporting mothers, persons and families is critical during these changes.

You are note alone. We are here to help.

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Mental Health

Perinatal loss is an insurmountable grief requiring delicate care and treatment specific for perinatal period. Regular grief and trauma treatment will fail if not taking under consideration the valuable perinatal space and time period. We provide grief treatment for all birth persons and family.

We also support you in difficult decisions within your pregnancy including whether to continue with pregnancy.

Perinatal anxiety and Perinatal OCD consists of intrusive and scary thoughts following an overwhelming anxiety. We can help you overcome the scary thoughts and come to a sense of peace.

We support all birth persons regardless of gender identity and sexuality. Your needs are seen.

We are here to support during these transitions and adjustments!
In our work, you will learn valuable mindfulness, distress tolerance, and meditation tools which can assist during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, child birth and beyond.

Facts about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD):

Therapy WORKS! You are not alone. Therapy can help.

If you don’t feel like yourself during pregnancy and postpartum period, therapy can help!

Services include:

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