Liza Mordkovich

Liza Mordkovich


About Liza Mordkovich, CEO

Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Art Therapist, Psychotherapist, and Coach

Welcome to the Brooklyn Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, where healing, growth, and transformation are at the heart of our practice. I’m Liza Mordkovich, a dedicated professional with a passion for helping individuals conquer anxiety, addiction, stress, and navigate the complex terrain of perinatal mood disorders.

My Approach

My approach to therapy is characterized by warmth, eclecticism, empathy, compassion, and a focus on solutions. I believe that every person has the innate capacity for change and growth, and my mission is to help you overcome obstacles, improve relationships, and lead a gratifying and joyful life.

I draw from a wide range of evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), to assist individuals in coping with emotional distress. My toolkit also includes mindfulness practices, meditation, hypnotherapy, art therapy, and trauma-focused approaches, allowing me to tailor treatment to your unique needs.

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Teaching and Speaking Engagements

In addition to my work at the Brooklyn Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, I am dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise with the broader community. I have had the privilege of teaching at prestigious institutions such as Brooklyn College and have been a guest lecturer at Long Island University, Touro College, and Pace University.

I offer professional workshops and training to medical practices and local organizations, helping to spread awareness about mental health and well-being. You may have seen me as a speaker at conferences, including the Postpartum Support International annual conference, where I am actively involved.

Community Involvement

I am deeply committed to supporting individuals during the transformative journey of motherhood. As a coordinator and group facilitator at Postpartum Support International, as well as a co-leader at the International Cesarean Support Network Manhattan Chapter, I strive to create safe spaces for women to share, heal, and thrive.

Get in Touch

Thank you for considering the Brooklyn Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy as your partner on your path to wellness. Whether you are seeking individual therapy, professional training, or community support, I am here to help.

Please feel free to reach out to me at to schedule an appointment or inquire about our services. Let’s embark on this journey toward healing, growth, and a more fulfilling life together.

Warm regards,

Liza Mordkovich CEO, Brooklyn Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Liza Mordkovich



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