Perinatal Mental Health

“The only way out is through.” – Robert Frost”

Pregnancy and post birth is such an exciting, life changing and exhausting time for the whole family!  Preparing the mind, body and spirit for a new life, trying to conceive- can be exciting, daunting, anxiety provoking and traumatic! Supporting mothers, persons and families is critical during these changes.

We are here to support during these transitions and adjustments!

In our work, you will learn valuable mindfulness, distress tolerance, and meditation tools which can assist during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, child birth and beyond.

Facts about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD):

  • Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders is an umbrella term used to describe mood disorders during pregnancy or postpartum period.         
  • 15- 20% of women experience some degree of PMAD.
  • Symptoms can include anxiety, depression/sadness, feeling numb, anger/rage, lack of interest in things once found enjoyable, changes in eating or sleeping, feelings of guilt, feelings of hopelessness, trouble concentrating, panic attacks, intrusive “scary” thoughts, worry, fears of going crazy, fears for babies health, or thoughts of hurting self or baby. 
  •  PMAD affects women of every culture, age, income level and race.
  • Symptoms can develop any time before and after 12 months for up to 3 years postpartum.
  • Symptoms often will not improve on their own or with time: therapeutic intervention are key to feeling better.
  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety can hinder attachment, affect relationships with partner and others, and greatly decreases sense of wellbeing.
  • Therapy WORKS! You are not alone. Therapy can help.

If you don’t feel like yourself during pregnancy and postpartum period, therapy can help!

Services include:

  • Treatment and assessment for PMAD, stress and birth trauma.
  • “We acquire the strength we have overcome.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson”
    Therapeutic pain management for cesarean births and any medical interventions experienced during childbirth. CBT and mindfulness for pain management.
  • Breastfeeding resources and referrals.   
  • Behavioral interventions for sleep solutions.
  • Bereavement counseling. Miscarriage and stillbirth support. 
  • Family and couples counseling. Helping families adjust to life with a new baby and beyond. 
  • Parenting coaching with a nod towards respectful, gentle, and mindful strategies and interventions. 
  • Cesarean support. 
  • Abortion support.
  • Fertility and trying to conceive Support. 
  • Mindfulness and hypnotherapy during pregnancy.

We can work together to help cultivate infant-parent attachment, maximize sleep, and adjust to fourth trimester.

Please contact us directly to inquire about services.