There are so many emotional expectations packed into the Holiday season. It’s a time of anticipation, excitement, anxiety, and for some, heartache. For those who’ve experienced perinatal loss, the holiday season after will look very different from one that was previously imagined — and this is often challenging and charged.  Grief is not linear. It […]

Trauma, ptsd

A big word has been floating around a lot lately: Trauma. It isn’t that trauma didn’t exist before this time of social media, memes and instant information — more so, it is that we, as a global community, have timely access to psychoeducation, resources and are better able to name and identify symptoms. Further, unfortunately,

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Most clinical professionals are guilty of the same thing: Using acronyms and jargon when it comes to talking about their specialities. Sure, when chatting with another therapist, saying something like, “The client really wanted to try DBT,” doesn’t sound the least bit off. Yet, when recommending treatment without explanation to someone looking for help, it

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Thank you to After Third and Karolina Belwal for this great interview on how parents can cope during this stressful time and any stressful time in the realm of parenting.